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Fish & Coral Acclimation


Read this article to learn how to set up your new aquarium.

What type of fish go together? What does my fish eat?  How big will my fish get? Find the answers here!

Use this chart to ensure proper water quality for your freshwater or saltwater aquarium.

Follow these steps on acclimating your fish to their new aquarium. 

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Copyright © 2015

We can now get Protein Skimmers, Sumps, RODI Units, Bulkheads, Media Reactors, Wavemakers, Lighting and much more directly from Coral Vue locally. This means free shipping for you!


Check out their site at www.coralvue.com and contact us directly so we can order for you!


Check out our vendor sites to view weekly inventory of fish and coral (click on logos above). When you are ready to order, just email us!


Custom ordering


We can custom order aquariums, stands, tops, protein skimmers, media reactors, sumps, lighting and more!  We also custom order saltwater and freshwater fish and coral from the common to the unique. What are you looking for?



We can install your new aquarium in your home or business from building stands to moving aquariums into place, setting up protein skimmers and programming your new aquarium. Once your aquarium is set up, we set it up internally to begin cycling.



We can come to your home or business weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to do algae cleaning, filter pad replacements, water changes, parameter checks and supplement additions as necessary.


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